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When ‘clout chasing’ goes too far.

Mugshot of Zachary T. Latham via nj

Zachary T. Latham, an 18-year-old teenager, who had previously served as a national guard private in New Jersey, lived with his grandparents in Vineland.

At the age of 16, Latham acquired a Corvette sports car which he regularly drove recklessly around his neighborhood. (reaching speeds of over 100mph)

Bothered by his behavior, Latham’s neighbors William and Catherine Durham confronted him about it. Latham, pressed by his grandparents, eventually apologized to the Durham family and promised to drive more carefully in the future.

However, the initial confrontation with the Durhams didn’t seem to faze Latham as his careless driving continued.


A tragic ending for a ‘‘picture-perfect’’ family.

Photo of Farhan Towhid via his Instagram account

The Towhids were a Bangladesh-origin family who lived in Allen, Texas.

The head of the family Mr. Towhidul Islam, 54, worked in an information technology center while his wife Mrs. Iren Islam, 56, carried out housewife duties.

The family’s youngest son Farhan Towhid, 19, was a computer science sophomore at the University of Texas in Austin, along with his older brother Tanvir Towhid, 21, who was also studying at the same university.

Farhan's twin sister Farbin Towhid had won a full scholarship to the New York University and was about to attend it.

Often described as the ideal American family…

The ‘‘cute’’ murderer who ‘‘just snapped.’’

Mugshot of Peter Manfredonia via The Connecticut State Police

The 23-year-old Peter Manfredonia was a senior at the University of Connecticut and a 2015 graduate of Newtown High School.

At the time, Manfredonia was in a ‘‘one-sided’’ relationship with a Willington woman. (her name hasn’t been disclosed to the public)

However, on May 18, 2020, after finding out that Manfredonia had hacked into her social media accounts, she decided to end their so-called ‘‘relationship.’’

Yet, Manfredonia continued stalking the woman's social media accounts even after their breakup.

So, on May 20, 2020, she let Manfredonia know, via text, that hacking into someone else’s account was illegal.

Manfredonia didn’t respond.

Immaturity at its finest.

Mugshot of Travis Stackhouse via the Milwaukee County Office of the Sheriff

Travis Stackhouse, 30, was a family man who lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, along with his wife and their 5 children.

The Stackhouse family reportedly was an ordinary family who lived happily and had a quite good reputation amongst their community’s residents.

However, in 2019 a senseless act carried out by Travis Stackhouse abruptly destroyed the once-happy Milwaukee family.

Sometime after Father’s day in June 2019, the 5-year-old son of Travis Stackhouse, Sir Ameer Stackhouse, and his siblings decided to eat a cheesecake Travis had received on father’s day.

However, little did they know that eating that cake would ultimately end…

When jealously becomes a disease.

Photo of Daria Shavelkina via the online social media platform VK

31-year-old Daria Shavelkina was a Clarins cosmetics consultant who lived in Moscow, Russia.

Shavelkina was long-time friends with another 30-year-old Moscow-based woman named Yaroslava Korolyova.

Mrs. Korolyova was a happily married housewife and mother to 3 children.

In early December of 2020, the at the time pregnant Daria Shavelkina decided to visit Mrs. Korolyova.

However, what seemed like an ordinary meeting between two friends, ended up changing their lives forever.

During their meeting, Shavelkina asked Korolyova if she could borrow some old baby clothes from her.

Eager to help her friend, Mrs. Korolyova went to her children’s room in order…

A traumatic childhood leads to a tragedy.

Mugshot of Brittany Renee Pilkington via the Logan County Sheriff’s Office

Brittany Pilkington, 29, was a mother of 4 who lived in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Growing up, Brittany lived in a problematic household.

Her father left the family when she was 9, and her mother met another man shortly after.

From the day he stepped foot into her home, Brittany’s stepfather Joseph Pilkington, 49, went on to abuse her both physically and mentally.

Even though she was in a romantic relationship with Joseph, her mother turned a blind eye whenever he became intimate with her daughter.

During that time, Joseph acted as Brittany's father when necessary and also supported her financially.


The horrifying story of the man known as ‘‘The Cannibal.’’

Photo of Joe Metheny via Vocal

Joe Metheny was one of the six children within the Metheny family.

Born March 2nd, 1955, in Essex, Maryland, Joe had a troubled upbringing.

At the age of six, Joe’s alcoholic father was killed in a car accident in West Virginia.

His father’s passing left Joe’s family scrambling to make ends meet.

As a result, his mother was forced to work long hours on multiple jobs to feed her family.

Having worked as a barmaid, a waitress, and a food truck driver, she managed to provide her children with the resources to live a normal life.

Or at least that’s…

Genius or pure stupidity?

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Back when the internet was invented, people regarded it as a groundbreaking technology.

However, no one could have ever foreseen to what extent it would ultimately impact the world.

Particularly, in this day and age, the majority of the world’s population utilizes it daily in some way or another.

While most internet users browse the web for entertainment, informative content, and shopping, others have found ways to capitalize on it.

And no, I'm not referring to the typical online jobs, like Instagram models and so on.

Some individuals have managed to build quite fruitful online careers in some ‘‘peculiar’’ ways…

Short answer: No. Though, it is closer than ever before

Photo by Tech Nick on Unsplash

Ever since Tesla popularised electric vehicles with the Model S release, back in 2013, the EV market has been growing exponentially. With rumors of electric vehicles outselling most gas-powered ones in the not-so-distant future, more and more automakers are starting to shift their focus towards EVs. Along with EVs, another innovation that’s slowly starting to ‘‘gain traction’’ amongst the automotive industry is autopilot technology.

While for most automotive companies, fully automated vehicles remain a concept, Tesla has already equipped its newer models with full self-driving capabilities. However, despite Tesla constantly bragging about its autopilot feature’s reliability, consumers remain mainly skeptical…

A supposed police officer’s involvement, a butchered investigation, and a family left with no closure.

Photo Of Lisa Au via LAST SEEN ALIVE

The majestic state of Hawaii is a widely known tourist location, with thousand visiting it each year. Whether it is for its crystal clear beaches or the palm tree full shorelines, it’s undeniable that Hawaii’s a tourist paradise. As ludicrous as it may seem, though, there’s a good chance a ruthless killer is roaming around the breathtaking state’s landscapes. The same murderer that abruptly ended the life of 19-year-old Lisa Au, nearly 40 years ago.

Lisa’s Final Hours

In 1982, the (at the time) 19-year-old Lisa Au, was employed as a hairdresser at a hair salon in Kailua (a town located on the…

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