Lisa Au: Hawaii’s 39-Year-Old Cold Case That Still Haunts Its Residents

A supposed police officer’s involvement, a butchered investigation, and a family left with no closure.

Nick Danos


Photo Of Lisa Au via LAST SEEN ALIVE

The majestic state of Hawaii is a widely known tourist location, with thousand visiting it each year. Whether it is for its crystal clear beaches or the palm tree full shorelines, it’s undeniable that Hawaii’s a tourist paradise. As ludicrous as it may seem, though, there’s a good chance a ruthless killer is roaming around the breathtaking state’s landscapes. The same murderer that abruptly ended the life of 19-year-old Lisa Au, nearly 40 years ago.

Lisa’s Final Hours

In 1982, the (at the time) 19-year-old Lisa Au, was employed as a hairdresser at a hair salon in Kailua (a town located on the windward side of the Oahu island). During that period, Lisa was dating a University of Hawaii student named Doug Holmes.

On the rainy evening of January 20th, 1982, Lisa and Doug planned to meet up at his sister’s apartment in Makiki. Having finished her night shift at 9:45 pm, Lisa commenced making her way to the meeting point. Before arriving at her destination, Lisa stopped at a grocery store in order to pick up edibles for the gathering. The meeting itself, though, turned out to be oddly short, with both Lisa and Doug, separately, departing around 12:20 am.

Doug returned to his university dorm room while Lisa was supposed to make it back to Kailua. Though, Lisa never showed up at her home that night.

The Next Day

With Lisa having shown no signs of life for a considerable amount of time, her parents became understandably worried. Without wasting any further time, the Au couple called Doug, as they were aware their daughter was with him the night prior. Unsurprisingly, Doug volunteered to help find Lisa.

While searching for Lisa, Doug came upon a disturbing discovery. Lisa’s abandoned car was parked at the side of the highway in Maunawili, near the old Kailua Drive-in. The car’s floor was flooded with about 2 to 3 inches of water and the seats were soaking wet. Interestingly enough, though, Lisa’s purse was found lying in the passenger seat, yet, it…